Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seated Massage / On-site Massage / Chair Massage?

Whilst the client is seated in a specially designed & portable chair, massage is carried out on the client through clothes using acupressure techniques.

Is the massage suitable for everyone?

No. There are some clinical/medical conditions that make massage contra-indicative. If you are undergoing medical supervision, or on medication of any sort, please inform your massage therapist or check with your GP before attending a massage.

How long will I be away from my desk?

This depend upon the length of session booked. A single session is in a 20 minute unit whilst a double is in a 40 minute unit.

Will it make me drowsy?

Quite the opposite. Chair massage should leave you feeling completely revitalised!

Will it hurt?

It shouldn't hurt. It is your massage and you are paying for it. If you are not having a pleasant time due to pain levels, let your practitioner know as soon as possible. They will do their utmost to make your seated massage a pleasurable experience.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a massage technique that utilises the therapists thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows to apply pressure to the client on specific points to relieve tension.

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