"A regular fifteen minutes with Rachael, unknotting my shoulders and neck, keeps the stress headaches at bay. She is also a great listener when you need to unload. All in all, a great tool for stress management." RBB, CIBC World Markets

"I have been having massages with BackIn15 for some years now on a regular basis. Rachael does a wonderful job in alleviating stress which builds up in the body through my working environment. It's also good to 'pass the time of day' with her in conversation which is, crucially not work related." AG, CIBC World Markets

"It amazes me how, in just 15 minutes, Rachael manages to ease all the tension away... would highly recommend to everyone!!!" AW-T, Ashurst

"Thank you for being such a great addition to our team! You have become a much awaited treat each month." TB, Badenoch & Clark

"I have been having a double massage for the last 4 years once every two weeks. It is not only a relaxing treat but it has also become a key factor for my well being. I used to suffer a lot of backaches because I spend about 12 hrs a day at my desk. Also, I have gallstones, which are very painful. Since I have my regular massages I have never had backaches and my vesicle went out of control only once: when I missed two appointments in a row!" LV-G, CIBC

"Your smiles are not just for you; they are your gift to the world..." anon