What You Do

Ideally, provide a relatively private space in which the massages can take place ( pref 10' x 10).

Provide a contact on site.

Promote the service on intranet and internal notice board.

Allow for a telephone for in house calls to be available.


Massages are broken down into 20 minute units. A double session utilises two 20 minute units.

BackIn15...Relax, has a number of payment options. These prices can be negotiated dependent upon number of visits per month.

Daily Rate (Corporate Paying) £300 This option is based upon just over a seven hour day incorporating up to 20 chair massage sessions and three rest breaks for the practitioner: two of 20 minutes and one of 40 minutes.
Half Day Rate (Corporate Paying) £150 This rate is based upon a four hour booking incorporating up to 10 chair massage sessions and one rest break of 20 minutes for the practitioner.
Subsidised Rate   This can be discussed upon clarification of budgets. Any subsidy would be based upon the unit price of £15 per massage - with the percentage of subsidy being agreed and invoiced at agreed intervals.
Normal Rate £15 For 15 minutes.
£30 For 30 minutes.
  A cancellation policy is in operation

Please call 07768 446 867 or email backin15appointments@hotmail.com to discuss fees in line with your requirements. In circumstances where employees pay, there must be more than 10 units booked.

Visits can be organised on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, although most benefit will always be gained when massages are experienced on a more regular basis.

BackIn15...Relax operates a cancellation policy. To be discussed upon booking.

'Unsociable hour' visits are possible... Please call 07767 446 867 for more information.

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